Dampp Chaser Installation

Pianos need a controlled environment. A properly functioning piano needs a controlled and stable humidity and temperature. This gives your piano a much longer life span and better sound and performance. It is best to control the room by first controlling the humidity level. The humidity level should be between 35% and 55% with the most desirable level at 45% for the room. If your piano is not in a controlled environment, then you may need a dampp chaser system to help control the humidity of the piano.

When the humidity is high, your keys may stick and when the air is dry, the keys may seem to rattle when played. High moisture levels can make the action feel sluggish. The wood in a piano absorbs moisture from its surroundings. When the air is moist, the soundboard swells producing an upward bulge and puts additional tension on the strings. This causes the pitch of the piano to become higher. When the air is dry, the soundboard does the opposite: the soundboard will shrink and flatten out which will cause the pitch of the piano to go flat.

Humidity can also cause strings and pins to become rusted and corroded. This affects the sound and tone from the strings and the strings become more inflexible.

A dampp chaser system controls the environment for low or high humidity. It has a dehumidifier to take away the moisture for the humid days and a humidifier to add moisture for the dry days. A dampp chaser system might be something for you to consider for your piano.

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