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Piano Tuning, Voicing & Regulation

Piano Tuning

Piano tuning is the adjustment of the tension the piano strings to correct pitch or frequency to ensure the musical intervals are in harmony. Pianos need to be tuned at least twice a year to maintain good health of the piano. Part of learning to play the piano is ear training and it is important to have your piano playing at the correct pitch. Just as you change the oil on a regular basis for the health of a car, pianos need to be tuned regularly for the long term health of the piano.

I offer tunings for all types of pianos from a home spinet to a concert grand on a stage. I also can tune different temperaments.

I also offer discounts for churches, schools and piano teachers.

To schedule your piano for a tuning, please call 317-446-0440 or e-mail me.

Piano Voicing

After the piano is in tune, the tone of the piano may still not be satisfactory. Voicing is the balancing of the tone from the upper treble to the deep bass. If the piano sounds too bright or too mellow, it can be voiced down to a mellower tone or voiced up to a stronger, brighter tone. I can help bring out the best tone for your piano, but the result also depends on what tone your ear prefers: some people prefer the mellower tone while others prefer a brighter stronger tone.

I can work with you to bring out the tone you prefer or help you decide on how to bring a better balance to your piano.

Piano Regulation

A pianist needs a piano that responds to every command. While regulation is not something that needs to be done at every tuning, it needs to be done when the piano's action becomes less responsive or harder to control. There are over 9,000 parts in a piano's action and every moving piece needs to be properly aligned so that the action will respond smoothly and correctly.

Piano regulation takes a different type of skill than just tuning a piano. Not all piano tuners can provide piano regulations. I have many years of experience in regulating pianos and will be able to help you get the best performance out of your piano. Most pianos only need a regulation once every 5 to 10 years. I will be able to work with you and evaluate your piano to make recommendations about when a regulation is needed.