Smoke Damage

Smoke Damage Restoration for Pianos

Smoke damage from a fire can definitely affect and damage your piano. Smoke is corrosive in nature and that is why it is important that the piano be restored as soon as possible. Fire creates odors and the smoke will leave residue and can cause discoloration and damage to your instrument.

I have helped many families with their pianos that have experienced smoke damage. I have a special room in my workshop designated just for restoring smoke damaged pianos. The process I use for restoring the pianos is an ozone treatment. This provides an effective way to purify pianos from bacterias, viruses and other microorganisms. Ozone eliminates odors without producing hazardous byproducts. The ozone process also kills off any mildew from a piano being stored in a damp location.

This process is also used for pianos that have not been in a fire but have been in a home that has been exposed to cigarette smoke. The continual smoke from cigarettes also leaves a film and smell in your piano. This ozone process is a great tool to rid your piano of the cigarette smell and film.

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